Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We All Start Somewhere

There's legal documentation out there that seems to suggest I'm 35. I have a hard time reconciling this with how I feel. I follow only a few blogs, a couple that I shamefully glance over my shoulder before checking, I can't help my love for YA fiction, a few twenty-something blogs that often include daily outfits and witty tales of the young and unburdened and one amazing Martha Stewart-ish do-it-yourselfer. I fall into none of these categories, most of my daily outfits don't make it past what I wear to the gym in the a.m., and how these leggy girls pull it off and then follow with pic's of their decadent meals or recent recipes escapes me. I also cannot turn a two dollar Goodwill find into a new headboard or bother to change my decor with the seasons, sometimes I'm doing my best to keep my family in clean sheets. However, I thought I could blog about what I can do and maybe along the way find a way to be comfortable in my own skin...even if it is 35.